Chef Keith Sarasin | Picture by Doug Levy Photography

I dipped a charred piece of bread into a rich gravy that soaked each crumb like a sponge. I raised it to my mouth and closed my eyes, and that is where my journey began.

I am a western chef. I grew up in a small city in New Hampshire in the United States where one wasn’t exposed to Indian food. Growing up in kitchens, I learned how to cook from many amazing western chefs. Each chef would impart the knowledge passed down to them by their mentors. It wasn’t until much later in life that I would try my…

I can still remember the smell walking into Regina’s Pizzeria in Boston’s North End. A sea of humanity packed into an iconic building all craving that beautiful marriage of sauce, crust and cheese. Each bite is a perfect representation of flavor, texture, fat and acid.

Their pizza isn’t just delicious, it’s craveable.

For me, really good food is broken down into two different categories.

1. Delicious: A great dish but I will forget about it in a week.

2. Craveable: A great dish but I will NEED IT in about a week.

We all have different foods we consider comfort…

Welcome to the United States of America in May of 2020, where tens of thousands of pounds of potatoes are left to rot in a field while thousands of cars line up for hours to receive food donations to feed their families. Major meat producers struggle to keep their employees from contracting a deadly virus and dying while they are told to return to work or we will have a major disruption in the food supply system.

One third of the food grown across the world goes to waste according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). That is one…

The restaurant industry is riddle with misfits. The addicts who can’t seem to shake their demons, the narcissist who needs constant validation, the brokenhearted who seek comfort in caring for others. Then there are the poor, who try to work their way out of poverty and of course, the hungry, who are eager to prove that they are the best chef around. We all enter this industry because we need it, it satisfies a craving that eats away at our souls. …

I get it America, Indian food is different and we didn’t grow up with it being a typical cuisine in our cities but what you are missing out on could change your life, it did for me.

I first tried Indian food when I lost a bet. My friend’s family owned an Indian restaurant and walking into his house to have sleep over when I was a teenager was not always pleasant. The smell of curry spices would hit you like a tsunami and enviably end up spawning several questionable jokes at his expense. After getting my ass kicked at a video game one night, a bet was made that would change my life. If I lost the next round, I would have to try Indian food. If I won, he would take me out to eat…

I am a chef. I don’t know how to fix the economy or bring back the way of life we had before COVID-19 changed the world. All I know is the lessons that so many farmers have passed on to me throughout years. In times of selfishness, farmers are selfless. In times of fear, they persevere through community action. We are called to stay at home but we are not called to inaction.

Farmers are deemed essential workers, meaning they carry risks that many of us are afraid to endure in times of crisis. These fears are compounded by the…

Keith Sarasin

Author, Chef, & Restauranteur. Founder of The Farmers Dinner, Author of The Perfect Turkey & The Farmers Dinner Cookbook.

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